CUBA - July, 2016 - by Kathryn Gadbow

Day 4 - The Beach

Sorry for the no pants but I had just gotten out of the water and I needed to snap a pic in a Birds Eat Free t-shirt before we left the beach.


The picture doesn’t do this beach justice.  There were many shades of bright Caribbean blues. This is Jibacoba which was recommended to visit for the beautiful coral reef. It is about an hour drive from Havana. We brought snorkeling gear and I was hoping to see some colorful fishes. The reef was brown/ black and completely dead. There were some fish but mostly brown ones. I saw a few bright purple fish which was neat. There were beer cans stuck in the reef. This was so sad. I started to collect the trash but I was told I was attracting too much attention to myself. It is a shame that people destroyed something so beautiful. A highlight from the swim was being in a school of fish. I was able to swim far out and the school of fish stayed with me. 


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