CUBA - July, 2016 - by Kathryn Gadbow

 Day 6 - fancy show at the Hotel Cuba and final exploring


Where diplomats stay and peacocks roam. 


This show will never be forgotten. It was supposed to be the history of Cuba however it took many twists and turns along the way with many ruffles and shimmies. Highly entertaining in a variety of ways.


The best bird photo I got the whole trip!  Not many birds besides crows:



My experience in Cuba was a true test of my independence. I have never traveled solo and I learned that traveling with family and friends is what makes the experience worthwhile. My work friends from West Chester University were really good to me on the trip.  Thanks to them, I had a lot of fun.  If my sister could have come, we would have had a riot.  So if I ever find myself in Cuba again, it will be with close friends and family. Cuba has the potential to be great again.  I am curious how the embargo lift will change the country.  In 10 years, I hope to be back Cuba. 


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