last week of August, 2016 - Atwater Village, LA, California

 A flock of Yellow Chevroned Parakeets spent every afternoon in a Silk Floss Tree in front on the house we were renting in Atwater Village.  They were not being sneaky about it.  They were very active, very noisy, and frequently flew in and out of the tree in groups of four or five.  They were hard to see, however, and even harder to photograph because they were high up in the tree and tucked back in among the branches.  They were happily enjoying each others' company and eating the buds on the Silk Floss Tree.  Both the birds and the tree are native to Belize.  In the 1960's and 1970's, this was the most common imported pet bird.  Since then some escaped birds have established flocks in a few areas, including LA, San Francisco, and Miami. 





last week of August, 2016 - LA River.


There were a surprising number of birds enjoying the late summer afternoon along the slow-moving, shallow river.  In the wide open areas near the bridges, there were lots of Black-necked Stilts and a few Greater Yellowlegs hunting in a few inches of water.  In the more secretive spots, there were Long-billed Dowitchers, Spotted Sandpipers, Cormorants, Great Blue Heron, Phoebes, Common Yellowthroat, finches, coots, and ducks.  The ducks were really interesting, all different colors and shapes.  I think they were probably a group of feral farm ducks showing the creative imagination of their breeders gone wild.


Black-necked Stilt


Long-billed Dowitcher, still in breeding plumage


Spotted Sandpiper