December 30, 2015 -- Thiruvananthapuram - college of nursing

    The Wi-Fi in my room at the Biverah Hotel where we are staying is not that great, so I am sending my Dad photos that I took with my cell phone and having him upload them to the web site, at least until I get a better connection.  I took these photos with my Samsung Galaxy 6 which seems to do a pretty good job.  I'm putting them on-line un-edited with very little text.  I'll add text as needed later.  I hope that a lot of the pictures will tell a story by themselves.  I also have my Dad's Olympus SZ-31, which fits in my pocket nicely and has a pretty good optical zoom, so maybe I'll get some shots with that as well.

College of Nursing Hostel.  We are staying at a hotel in the city.


Thiruvananthapuram, India -- the green bags are garbage --December, 2015


Thiruvananthapuram, India -- December, 2015

    Auto-rickshaws are a once in a lifetime experience that I question if I'd say everyone should have or not.  In the picture above we look so happy because 1. it was one of the first rides and a cool new experience; 2. this was a pre-squished rickshaw ride. Later into the trip we cut down on the number of rickshaws we took by putting four people into one.  In general, many of the people in India we saw are petite and the rickshaws were made for their size... so fitting four average sized people from our group into one rickshaw was basically playing human tetris to fit all of our body parts inside the vehicle. I never thought I would be so thankful for my spacious Jeep. 


The college held a welcoming ceremony for us.  This included multiple speakers, a ceremonial lighting of candles, and musical performances by some very talented students.  For this trip to be possible, the women in charge ( Rachel Joseph, Marica Welsh, and Professor Kumari- Director of Nursing Colleges of Kerla) worked with the government for over a year to obtain government approval for our visits and partnership with the Government Nursing College of Thiruvananthapuram. Following the ceremony, we got the chance to mingle with the students of the government nursing college.  Hanna and I had a hard time getting used to the head "bobble" which is the Indian version of our 'nodding' and is a sign of agreement / listening.  I still haven't gotten the bobble down but practice makes perfect. The girl to my left hit it off with Hanna and I.  Her name is Sruthy, she is 19 years old, and in her second year of nursing school.  We were lucky to learn from her throughout our stay in Kerala.