January 2, 2016 -- Kovalam and Kanyakumari - sunset on the Indian Ocean

 Starting off the weekend trip to Kanyakumari  which is the southern most tip of India and so close to the equator both the sunrise and sunset is seen at the same beaches, this picture above sums up how we were feeling about the hot/ humid weather. Humidity is my enemy and this palm nut does a solid impression of what a "wreck" we felt like.  At this point of the trip ( 1 week into it) we had all accepted that nothing we wore would stay dry/ clean for longer than about 5 minutes. 

Backwaters of Kerala, highly recommended and so worth the trip!

Two local boys waving to our van as we passed through multiple towns on the way to the beach. 



Me and a horse on the coast of the Arabian Sea - January 2, 2016


We ate outdoors at this cute little cabana in Kerala - January 2, 2015



The nursing group at the Arabian Sea - January 2, 2016


Sunset over the Indian Ocean.  From the southernmost tip of India, you can see the sunrise and sunset from this same spot -- January 2, 2016


some video of Kovalum Beach- 1/4/2016:




Sunrise over the Indian Ocean.  -- January 3, 2016

On this morning we were woken up at 5:15AM by singing/ chanting from the church outside our hotel.  Initially waking up I thought I was dreaming because the whole ordeal was very surreal. We climbed to the roof to watch the sunrise.  Thankfully Hanna and I changed from shorts to long pants just in case we ran into anyone in the halls, not thinking anyone else would be on the roof.  We thought wrong.  The roof was pretty crowded and the street below was even more crowded.  It seemed like we were late to the party that started weirdly early. 

Later in that day, we took a boat ride to the temple which is in the middle of the water.  People travel from all over India to visit the Gods at this temple.  To us it was another awesome addition to our already awesome trip.  To most of the rest of the visitors the visit to the temple was a huge religious journey and held a very different meaning.


these are chalk paintings on the sidewalk.  The artists makes impressions of them on paper to sell them .  -- January 3, 2016


And here are a few videos that I took today.  The first one is the start of a religious ceremony that began in the morning with singing:


The next one is from a boat ride that we took to get to a temple.  A family from Bangalore performed music and a dance for us.  People here have been treating us like celebrities.  So many people want to take our pictures that we eventually have to say no: 

More views of the ocean:




 Above- A banana farm on the way to another temple. 

Below- This is a picture of the "bathroom" that is very common in many places in India.  At this specific place (at a temple so it was a tourist spot), we had to pay 5 rupees to use it.  After the experience was over, Hanna and I truly felt "cultured" and like we had made it. 

NOTE TO FUTURE TRAVELERS: "TOO MUCH" HAND SANITIZER DOES NOT EXIST IN INDIA; When you think you've packed enough, go and pack triple that amount.




Above: We saw this family while waiting in line to get onto the boat for the temple.  The mom was playing the drum and the dad had done some strange thing with a whip that make a huge cracking sound (I'm pretty sure he whipped his own back and sprinkled the blood on the youngest boy; it was an interesting thing to watch) before they walked through the line asking for money.  It reminded me of the street acts that happen at Venice Beach only to the India extreme.



two videos that I took returning from Kovalum Beach: