January 8, 2016 -- Anganwadi -- Integrated Child Dev Scheme Centre



 Nalanchria -- Naturopathy Centre

Yoga with nuns: This was such an awesome experience. We practiced yoga on the roof with the breeze coming through the open windows. We could feel the warm air mixed the cool breeze from being on the third level of the building.  We could hear the birds and wind in the palm trees. The nuns voices were gentle and soothing. They spoke in quiet and calming tones.  I could have stayed in that room for weeks doing yoga.

Yoga routine- head to toes:

- Start with head extension/ flexion/ rotation clockwise / counter-clock wise

- Shoulders: place fingers on shoulder and rotate elbows; rotates scapula

- Chest: opens lungs; swing arms forward and back

- Wrist: flexion/ extension, side to side rotation, clockwise/ counter clockwise rotation

- Hips: swing leg forward/ back and side to side; rotation clockwise and counter clockwise

-Knee: lift one leg and extend from knee forward

- Ankle: extension/ flexion; clockwise/ counter clockwise rotation

-Toes: arms over head and walk back and forth on tip toes

* Practice deep breathing exercises.

Yoga health benefits: improves concentration, circulation, immunity, memory, flexibility, bone/spine strength, corrects breathing problems, and reduces stress/ stress related health issues.

Elements of naturopathy: mud, water, air, space, sun *** only uses external treatments, NO internal interventions

Therapy we talked about: Banana leaf (cure for itchy skin due to chlorophyll) , sun therapy, mud therapy

Health improving plants: carrots, cucumbers, turmeric, coriander, mint, citrus, curries, and banana leafs