Mike is leaving for Japan on 1/5/2016 and will be in country for three weeks to consult on an Amazon facility startup.  He is staying in Yokohama.  He will be sending me notes and pictures to post while he is there.  He will be really busy with work, but I expect that we'll still get some very nice posts from him over the next few weeks.  Click on the links to view Mike's posts.

Last updated:  1/27/2016

    First day:   Japan_Day One 

    First weekend:  Japan_First_Weekend_Tokyo

    Week two, going out for lunch with my Japanese co-workers:  Japan_lunches

    Week two, sites of Tokyo and Yokohama:  Japan_week_ending_01_15

    Once a year market:  Japan_Market

    Harbor and fishing:  Japan_Harbor

    Evening:  Japan_evening


There are lots of water fowl in the bay outside my hotel.  These are female and non-breeding male Greater Scaups.  They are ducks that are a little smaller than Mallards.  The one in the foreground shows a blue bill and white patch on the face behind the bill: