January 15 -- great food in Japan

I have been going to lunch every day with my Amazon colleagues from Japan.  The food is really good.  I had shark fin once.  That was pricey.  The presentation of the food is a big deal.  Here are a few examples:






Below is the shark fin soup.  I was conflicted when I ordered this because of the way that so many sharks are slaughtered to create luxury food items.  This product is illegal in the U. S., fortunately.  We went to a special Japanese restaurant that is the only restaurant in Japan to receive a perfect score on the Michelin ratings.  So it's a special occasion to go there.  Many of the items on the menu include shark fin, so it is moderately difficult to put an entire dinner together without it.  So I tried the shark fin soup and it wasn't bad.  Also not particularly great.  It was soup.  The draw is the rarity and the exclusivity of eating something that is really expensive.