December 31, 2015 -- Happy New Year!!

This was by far the most unique new years eve of my life so far.  We started the night by getting hennas from "henna experts" in our hotel room.  The girls really did a wonderful job, even though it was a lengthy process for them to make the hennas so detailed.  The hotel we stayed at was having a "celebration" that included cultural dances, dinner, games, and "mocktails".  When they played music for the performance I'm pretty sure I lost some of my hear abilities.  The base was on full blast and caused the ceiling to shaking even a few floors down from the celebration.  Exhausted from the day and traveling, none of us actually made it awake to 12:00.  I was in bed by 11:30 however I was woken up when new years hit by yelling and cheering in the street below and cheering from the party going on above us in the hotel.  The hotel was setting off fireworks from the roof ( so safe) and I looked out our window to see the lights from the fireworks falling past.  There was multiple firework displayed being fired off in the distance so I watched those mixed with the embers falling outside the window for the first 15 minutes of 2016.  I think the eruption of new years in India is a sign that 2016 has a boatload of surprises in store and I really cannot wait for all of them to unfold.