January 5 - visit to the royal palace

    The princess was only scheduled to speak with us for thirty minutes, but she spent more than two hours with us and gave us a wonderful tour of the palace. This was such a incredible and neat experience for us.  She gave us a personal tour of some of the palace (only a small amount of the rooms were not actually being lived in so it was a short tour in comparison to the amount that was there). The magnitude of this visit and the family's status in Kerala did not fully dawn on me until we saw how excited our professor and the Gov. College professors were.  It would be the same if I were introduced to Andy Samberg (except that she was royalty of course).  The princess was a humorous, light hearted woman.  She gave us some of her opinions related to the quality of care given in their state from personal experience.  Some of her concerns included medication errors, accountability for medical errors, and advocating for uneducated patients receiving the proper care.  When checks and balances are not enforced in health care, serious and dangerous problems can be the result. 

The princess also gave us a taste of her power when she found out we did not have permission to visit the hospital which had been donated to the state by her family.  She immediately had one of the professors get someone from the hospital on the phone. By the end of our visit, we had gained permission and about a 2 hour visit to the private hospital to take place the following day.



 The princess of Kerala


the princess of Kerala giving us an overview of her families history - 1/4/2016:














 This man is the goldsmith for the palace.  He has lived here for many years.