January 14 - Global Village at Dubai

We had one night and a full day in Dubai on the way home.  We packed in a lot of activity in a short time.  The first night we spent shopping in the Global Village. I think we all could have spent the entire stay in Dubai here and still would not have seen all the vendors.  Merchants came from all over the world to set up stands with representative products locally made in their countries.  I bought honey and Turkish delight made in Russia, pesto with truffles from Italy, ginger from Kenya, a hand painted copper plate from Morocco, black honey comb from Egypt, and successfully sampled food from every country we visited. We ate baklava from Turkey, cheese/ olives/ olive oils/ and mojitos from Spain, curries from Pakistan, sweet spreads and pesto's from Italy, dates (amazing) locally made in Dubai, multiple Egyptian candies, Iranian peanuts, more dates, and Coconut gelato from Italy. I could have stayed there all night solely for free food samples!


 The hotel room was very nice.


The hotel had a nice pool.  We had a  little time to hang out there before turning into total American tourists.



    The Global Village is an event that happens in Dubai for a few weeks each year.  There are displays from all over the world. Among other things, I bought honey from Russia, jewelry and statues from Africa, and dishes from Morocco.  At night it was really beautiful.