The Birds Eat Free Foundation is a company that strongly believes in open sourcing and the free exchange of ideas and intellectual products.  This website is built with open source software (Joomla) which is itself built on an open source platform (Apache).  Many (or most) of the huge recent advances in our culture have been the result of open source or free ware initiatives.  For a visual presentation of why this technique is so powerful, view the YouTube video, "How to start a movement".

    That being said, all the photos, poems, texts, and other items on this website are the joint property of The Birds Eat Free Foundation and Bill Gadbow, Copyright 2015.  Please enjoy them for your personal use, including making copies of the materials for personal use.  Commercial use will also be okay too, but for that, please contact any one of the board of directors of The Birds Eat Free Foundation to get our approval.

    The board members as of November, 2015, are:

        Kathryn Gadbow, vice-president and secretary

        Greg Allen, vice-president and treasurer

        Bill Gadbow, vice-president and naturalist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.