October, 2016 - Balderston Drive, Exton, PA

    After cleaning up the leaves and cleaning the garage and trimming all the pine branches that were encroaching on the house and cleaning the basement area where the new heating system was being installed and other stuff like that, the month of October slid right on by.  While I was sitting on my front porch taking a break, a Pileated Woodpecker  (I originally typed wordpecker, which, of course is me) started working in my front yard.  Here he is in one of the Dogwoods:

Pileated Woodpecker, 350 Balderston Drive, Exton, PA, October, 2016


And while I was sitting at my desk typing a chapter of a book, I looked out the sliding glass door and saw the reason that Beans rigorously hunts up and down the back edge of the property.  A Red Fox was slipping in and out of the Arborvitae trees, hunting.  Beans and I have seen rabbits back there, so probably that is what the fox was after.



Red Fox,  350 Balderston Drive, Exton, PA, October, 2016


On several of our dog walks, we saw a small hawk perched at the top of a willow tree, hunting at dusk.  I managed to get back to the spot with my camera to get his picture before he flew.  He was a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk, the kind of bird that George says is "dumb".  It hasn't learned to be afraid of anything yet.   So he let me get his picture in the few minutes of remaining light that I had.


Sharp-shinned Hawk, Balderston Drive, Exton, Pa, October 2016


 Amidst a mixed flock of juncoes, sparrows, finches, wrens, titmice, cardinals, and woodpeckers (Downy and Red-bellied) that hang out in my yard all fall and winter, I saw a White-throated Sparrow.  He's a sharp looking bird, but I think that the window was dirty when I took his picture from my kitchen.  So the picture is a little blurry and I added,"wash windows" to my to-do list.


White-thoated Sparrow, 350 Balderston Drive, Exton, Pa, October 2016